Skateparks design

At iO Skateparks & amp; Ramps we design each project individually. Our skateparks, ramps and pumptracks adapt to the spaces and urbanism of towns and cities, and to the lifestyle of the skaters and people of these localities.

If the spaces are unique, the solutions have to be too. For that reason, our projects are studied and created to adapt each space to the needs of the users of the area.

iO Skateparks & amp; Ramps was born from our passion for action sports and active leisure. Our team of designers and builders understands action sports as a philosophy of healthy, open and creative life, beyond its practice.

Our team has designed projects all over the world, based on three pillars: safety, environmental awareness and quality assurance.

Since the company began its activity, we have worked on numerous projects , among which the following stand out:

Nike 360o extrem Lateral Thinking La Poma Bikepark Sacyr Extreme Barcelona Barcelona City Councils and other towns such as Viladecans, Premià de Dalt, Sant Pere de Ribes, Platja d’Aro, Berga, Castelldefels, El Prat de Llobregat, Temse , Mortsel, Antwerp, Stekene, Kortrijk, Annecy, Comú d’Escaldes-Engordany, etc.

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Our team is made by professional concrete artisans from all europe. ¿Do you want to know how a skatepark is build? We tell you how…


A skatepark construction is a process where technical and creative aspects come toghether. They both combine during all the 5 phases that compoce all of our works.

1. Site preparation

To build a skatepark, ramp or pumptrack, the first thing to do is prepare the terrain. To do this, we excavate the ground where we will later carry out the installation.

Land preparation - iO Skateparks & Ramps

2. Movement and shaping of earths and modules

Once the terrain is prepared, we proceed to mold the terrain and the modules of the future skatepark, ramp or pumptrack. For this, our artisans work with materials such as clay, wood and concrete.

Skatepark molding - iO Skateparks & Ramps

3. Iron assembly: “The skeleton”

The next step is to assemble the skeleton of the future skatepark, ramp or pumptrack. And it is that before being able to fill and shape the installation, it is necessary to assemble its structure.

Skatepark skeleton assembly - iO Skateparks & Ramps

4. Fill with concrete

The next step is to fill the skeleton with concrete. Once the structure is filled in, our craftsmen proceed to polish floors, transitions and inclined planes. A manual task that must be carried out with extreme care and delicacy.

Concrete fill - iO Skateparks & Ramps

5. Finishes, paintings and final details

The last step is the details. Once the new skatepark, ramp or pumptrack is finished, our specialists review the work carried out, paint and touch up the new installation.