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Project Description


Project:  This is a private Skatepark located on the rooftop of Razzmatazz Club in Barcelona. Nike Skateboarding was in charge of the event parallel to the Street Lea- gue event. There were a photo shoot and video shoot with some of the best Nike ska- teboarders (Ishod Wair, Luan Oliveira, Paul Rodriguez and more). The rooftop Skate- park was designed by Enrico Gorrea, a well known Nike SB international artist.

There were wooden obstacles based on street spots in Barcelona like the Sants bench, the MACBA ledges and the Via Laietana module.

Location: A On the rooftop of the Razzmatazz club in Barcelona, Spain.

Type: Street

Level: Pro

Materials: Wood

Surface: 540m²

Client: Nike Skateboarding